Mardo Williams Author - Maude (1883-1993): She Grew Up With The Country Daily Edition
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Readers Speak

"It's a wonderful story. It's beautifully written. I have been an avid reader all of my life and this is my favorite of all the books that I have ever read. There are many reasons why it is my favorite. The most important reason is how well you tell the story."
--Bonnie Comstock, Homemaker

"I just finished eavesdropping on 110 years of Maude's life. You did a perfectly remarkable job...of making it quite compelling. Your 'just the facts, ma'am' style never got sappy and I loved the descriptions of the big old stove, hog butchering, Rush Creek, going to the fairs with the kids in the wagon, Lee's jokes, and so on. Even the little tale of the guys who came to hunt was telling of a time and attitude that, as a man, God, I miss, but suppose it is better that it passed."
--Edward Fries

"Maude is rich, deep, warm and humorous. It captures the very essence of America."
--Jack O'Connell, Independent Film Writer, Producer, Director

Family Members"I read Maude on the subway. People stared when I laughed out loud, but it's one of those books where you laugh, you cry. It just makes you feel good on the inside. I'm using the lessons I learned in Maude to teach my 8-year-old son."
--Shirley Mae Oliver, Secretary

"What a beautiful book! It could hardly be anything else but splendid for its central figure and her family come through as real flesh and blood people, of marvelous strength, esprit, and genuineness"
--Charles Rousculp, Author, English teacher; Department Chair

Men in Field"This is an important book. It reminds us of what we've lost. Mardo Williams is an American treasure."
--Joanna Wolper, Emmy-Award Winning Print and TV Journalist

"This is the first time in so many years that I was sorry when the story ended. I know the book is one I will read again and enjoy just as much."
--Mary Long, Retired, Human Resources

"I have read a lot of books over the last few years, but none has affected me like yours. It made me laugh, cry, become serious at moments wondering about the many wars she lived through and deaths of her children. I realized about half-way through the book that I had forgotten you were writing about YOUR mother. I was picturing my Grandmother through it all!
Jennifer K. Guider, English teacher, Chungnaman National University, Seoul, Korea